One of the newest attractions here in Camotes Island is Tartanilla or Kalesa ride and Horseback riding near Lake Danao Park. Here, you can experience the 18th Century mode of transport.

Before heading to your next destination, you can find refreshing drinks at the Kalesa cafe bar. The shade of the trees and cool breeze will for sure re-charge you for the rest of the day’s trip.


Want to experience a beautiful and exciting tour during your stay? You can hire our resort boat for an exclusive and private trip to Tulang Diot Island.

On the beach, you can rent tables and chairs for your convenience or you can simply have a picnic under shades of trees while enjoying the scene of white sands and blue waters.

The entrance/maintenance fee of the beach will cost around Php20.


On Camotes Island, a land tour/island hopping is a tourist’s favorite pick. You can visit a lot of popular destinations on the island, from an unspoiled beach perfect for taking memorable photos, waterfalls with refreshing water, amazing caves, and Lake Danao where you can do a lot of fun activities, like ziplining, kayaking, boat riding, Tartanilla or Kalesa ride, horseback riding and more…

Friendly local drivers will take you around the island where you can enjoy the scenic view. If traveling by group, we recommend you to take a multicab, if only 3 people below, you can either hire a tricycle or motorcycle “habal-habal” in local terms.

Between tour, you can stop on Baywalk – San Francisco Market to grab a merienda/snack or lunch. You may have your dinner too before going back to the resort.


Another fun activities you can do for free is to explore on the Exotic Zone we have on the resort. Resort owner, Uncle Rock, loves animal so much that he collected different kind of species as his hobby.
Guests can be in close contact with some animals and can give them a food during feeding time.

Children in particular have an opportunity to explore interesting facts about it, and learn about the proper ways of keeping and training them.